Understanding Home Energy Modeling: A Path to Energy Efficiency

As HERS requirements continue to get more stringent, the role of home energy modeling is becoming more important. Energy modeling has long been used to optimize energy efficiency in commercial buildings, but this system is equally valuable for homeowners looking to save money on energy costs.

Understanding Home Energy Modeling: A Path to Energy Efficiency

What is Home Energy Modeling?

Simply put, home energy modeling uses sophisticated software to create a simulated version of your home to accurately assess energy efficiency, and suggest ways to improve it. 

This program uses a home’s size, layout, insulation, windows, appliances and HVAC systems as inputs. Local weather is also taken into consideration, and within a short time the program can output data representing an entire year’s worth of energy consumption. 

Modeling results are summed up on a Projected Rating Certificate issued by your HERS Rater. In most states, this Projected Rating Certificate is a required document when applying for a building permit.

Benefits of Whole Home Energy Modeling

  • Reduced Energy Cost: By identifying energy-saving measures and improvements, homeowners can optimize their energy usage and reduce energy bills, resulting in long-term savings.
  • Comfort Optimization: Energy modeling will evaluate factors such as HVAC systems, insulation, and air sealing to ensure homes can maintain comfortable temperatures year-round. 
  • Guidance in Design and Construction: Modeling a home’s energy use can provide insight related to different design and appliance choices. Users will also be able to mix and match these factors to best suit their needs. 
  • Compliance and Certification: Energy modeling can ensure that homeowners and builders are meeting energy code requirements or certifications such as Energy Star. 
Home Energy Modeling: Challenges and Solutions

Home Energy Modeling: Challenges and Solutions

Accuracy of Inputs: The results from these models are only as accurate as the inputs they are based on. Inaccurate data regarding a home’s size, appliances, or HVAC systems can lead to flawed recommendations.

User Expertise: Energy models are complex and sensitive to changes, therefore it’s best to have a HERS Rater run these tests to ensure accurate results and interpretation. 

Variability and Uncertainty: Energy consumption in homes can vary significantly due to weather conditions, occupant behavior, and equipment performance. Energy modeling cannot predict these variables with complete accuracy.

💡 Tip of The Day: Assess and upgrade insulation; Spring is a good time to inspect your home’s insulation and identify any areas that may need improvement. Adequate insulation helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and reduces energy loss. Seal gaps around windows, doors, and other potential air leaks.

Home Energy Modeling Case Studies and Success Stories - Energy Savings

Home Energy Modeling Case Studies and Success Stories

Cody Knuth, a researcher from Kansas State University, used home energy modeling to suggest improvements for a Kansas residence that would save the homeowner up to $400 in annual energy costs. His research can be found here.

Rhino Linings modeled a variety of home sizes and layouts throughout Minnesota and Arkansas, which showed heating and cooling costs could be reduced by at least 45%, with one model reaching a 51% cost reduction.

Fortunately, these success stories are not unique to the central United States. Homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can achieve similar results.

Energy-Efficient Incentives and Rebates

Fortunately, most utility companies are offering rebates and other incentives that offset much of the additional cost associated with implementing today’s demanding energy code requirements.

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Home Energy Modeling Consultation

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