At Energy Geeks we believe that living and working in an environmentally sustainable manner is both practical and rewarding. As old resources and methods become impractical and new technologies emerge, society will naturally turn to greater efficiency and renewable energy. Helping in this process are great programs such as Mass Save and EnergyWise through which thousands of homeowners and businesses are shrinking their carbon footprint each year. The Staff at Energy Geeks do their part by providing installed products and services that support this worthy goal.

Our Mission

To provide, great services, great products, sustainable living ideas, and joy to our customers.

Edward Beauchemin

Our Team

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Stanley, Mascot

One might think that Stan is just a cartoon character; simply lines on a paper, but he is much more than that. In 2014 he was enlisted by Energy Geeks to be their brand ambassador. He is represented on their business cards, trucks, letterhead and of course their website. Stan loves Energy Geeks and what it stands for, almost as much as he loves people. He can be found at local events, speaking to school children, even walking through neighborhoods helping to spread the word about energy efficiency and other important home products.

Stan’s favorite television program? The Road Runner…Beep Beep!

Dave DiResto
Dave DiResto – Field Manager

Dave DiResto, Field Manager

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After spending many years in building maintenance, Dave DiResto joined our team in 2011 in search of a career change. With hard work and dedication he obtained all the technical certifications required by both the Mass Save Program in Massachusetts and the Energy Wise Program in Rhode Island. After successfully completing over 600 projects, Dave became the obvious choice to be our first full time field inspector. Dave’s mission is to ensure that both quality and customer satisfaction are guaranteed on every job.

As a resident of Cranston Rhode Island raising a young family Dave is glad to know that the work he does today will help to reduce our carbon footprint thus assuring a greener planet for future generations.

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots…Of course!

Sarah Ferrara-Halton works at Energy Geeks
Sarah Ferrara-Halton – Office Administrator

Sarah Ferrara-Halton, Office Administrator

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Sarah is the most recent addition to the team at Energy Geeks. She is our “Jane of all trades”. Her background includes almost two decades managing her own successful business. Initially coming on board to promote our great products and services, it wasn’t long before her natural talent to multi task surfaced. Her job description includes marketing, customer service, video production, proof reading website content and much more. Her strong desire to see the mission at Energy Geeks realized can be seen in her determination to make people aware of the huge rebates available for energy saving home upgrades. Sarah is looking forward to taking on more responsibility as she helps Energy Geeks expand.

Sarah’s passions include her family, life itself, a love of learning, and writing.

Favorite Hobby: Karaoke