Solar is good for the world

A home with an average sized solar array will avoid producing more than 140 tons of carbon emissions over the lifespan of the system. This is equivalent to planting three thousand trees.
Solar and other clean energy are expected to create three to five million jobs in the United States over the next decade and many more worldwide.

By reducing our demand for foreign oil, solar provides a pathway which one day may lead the United States to total energy independence.

Great Investment

Solar is a great investment with several advantages over traditional investments. Solar on average can deliver returns up to 10 to 30%, on par with stocks and bonds. However, unlike stocks and bonds most of your return on investment is in the form of savings rather than income and is therefore not taxable. Solar is also a relatively low risk investment because your return is equal to what you save each month on your utility bill. It is practically guaranteed.

Solar is affordable

Today solar is affordable for almost everyone. If you can afford your current electric bill you can afford solar. Over the last several years solar prices have dropped over 80% and incentives and tax credits can drive the cost down even further.

No need to spend any money upfront. Flexible financing from solar loans and leases, most with zero down payment options make it possible for anyone to go solar. More often than not your solar loan or lease payment will be less than your monthly electric bill, so you start saving money as soon as the panels are installed.

Solar is easy to live with

Solar systems require little to no maintenance and the individual components which make up the system come with long manufacturer warranties. These systems increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Studies show that homes with installed solar panels sell faster and usually at a premium over similar homes in the neighborhood.

The Takeaway

Bottom line, you can save big money by going solar. One thing is for sure the price we pay for electricity will continue to go up. The higher the price of electricity climbs, the more valuable you solar panels become. Because with solar, the electricity that you generate is free. Instead of paying the utility company you get to keep the money.

Energy Geeks has made a commitment to saving money on energy. Our holistic approach looks at your entire home as a system. First we provide a no-cost home energy assessments to determine where your energy use is greatest and how it can be reduced. But we don’t stop there, we also install the recommended energy efficiency measures and upgrades listed in the energy assessment. Followed as prescribed, this will reduce your energy consumption which in turn will reduce the number of solar panels needed. Reducing the number of solar panels needed will not only reduce the cost of the system it also reduces the amount of roof area needed to install it.
The time to go solar is now.