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Insulation Gap / Cavity

Why The Room Above Garage Is Cold … And How To Fix It

June 20, 2022

The Room Above the Garage is Cold If you own a home with a garage underneath you are probably no stranger to cold floors. Cold floors in rooms above garages is one of the most frequent complaints we hear. They are uncomfortable to the touch and rob the entire room of heat. Often these frigid…

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solar panels home - save energy

Common Sense Ways to Save Energy

June 11, 2022

A Quick Guide Part 1 Saving energy does not mean having to give up comfort or going without. Below are simple tips that will help you and your family save energy andmoney while living well. Part 1 in this series covers heating & cooling equipment. . Remember rebates and incentives may be available in your…

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Solatube Daylighting Systems

Solatube – Bring Natural Sunlight to Every Room 

June 10, 2022

Sunlight can brighten up any room and may even brighten up your day. Bring natural light into any dark space within your home with the original tubular skylight, Solatube. Solatube Daylighting Systems are designed to provide superior performance. Each unit consists of a roof-mounted clear dome, a solar light reflecting tube, and an interior ceiling-mounted…

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erv hrv

How to Lower Your HERS Score With an ERV

June 2, 2022

More and more local municipalities require that new homes and major remodels enlist the services of a HERS rater. It’s the job of the HERS rater to advise their clients on energy-related product selection, installation and afterward provide certified verification through testing. Among the product choices in the HERS rater toolbox are ERVs. What is…

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energy efficient landscaping

Landscaping For Energy Efficiency

May 23, 2022

The map above shows 4 climate zone categories. Knowing the zone in which your home is located enables you to plan for the most energy-efficient planting strategy. A smart landscaping plan enhances the beauty of your home, keeps you cooler in the summer, and reduces wintertime heating costs. Did you know, that carefully positioned trees…

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energy efficient home services and consultants in rhode island - energy geeks

Home Energy-Saving Solutions That Are About To Save You Money

May 13, 2022

This might be surprising, but homes today use on average 37 percent more energy today than they did in 1980. As large as this increase is, it could be a lot higher if not for technology innovation in energy efficiency and federal energy conservation standards. From heating and cooling to electronics and appliances, it takes a lot of…

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