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Maximizing Savings How the Inflation Reduction Act Impacts Your Home Energy Efficiency in Massachusetts

Maximizing Savings: How the Inflation Reduction Act Impacts Your Home Energy Efficiency in Massachusetts

September 23, 2023

In a world where energy efficiency and cost savings are paramount, the federal Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (“IRA”) has brought welcome news for homeowners. This act provides a significant opportunity for taxpayers to claim substantial credits for weatherization improvements in their homes, including insulation and air sealing. The key takeaway is that the IRA…

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home energy audit in rhode island and massachusetts

How a Home Energy Audit in Rhode Island and Massachusetts Can Help You Save Money

September 6, 2023

Understanding and managing your home’s energy consumption is not only sensible; it’s necessary in today’s quickly changing world, where sustainability and energy efficiency can save you money. Data from the EnergySage Marketplace reveals that the average US household spends $2,190 annually on electricity. By reducing energy consumption through efficiency improvements, you can save between 5%…

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indoor air quality balanced ventilation

Breathing Easy: Enhancing Indoor Air Quality with Balanced Ventilation

July 23, 2023

Indoor air quality is directly related to our health and well-being. On average, Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors and the air in today’s tightly sealed homes can trap pollutants. Balanced ventilation is the most effective way to ensure our homes have the healthiest air quality possible. What is Balanced Ventilation? A balanced ventilation…

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ductless heating and cooling - ductless HVAC - split air conditioner and heating unit

What is Ductless Heating and Cooling?

July 11, 2023

Unlock Energy Savings and Comfort with Ductless Heating and Cooling Homeowners who are looking to save energy and money should consider going ductless for heating and cooling their homes. Traditional ductwork systems can waste energy, are easily damaged, and may reduce your home’s indoor air quality. Furthermore, when delivering conditioned air through ductwork, 20-30 percent…

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midpoint inspection HERS

Mastering the HERS Rating: Unlock the Secrets to Energy-Efficient Homes!

July 7, 2023

A Midpoint Home Inspection in Westport, MA Step into the captivating world of home construction as our experienced team of HERS raters takes you on a remarkable journey through a detailed midpoint inspection. Brace yourself for some insider tips, tricks, and a sprinkle of humor as we navigate the challenges faced by home builders in…

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energy efficient home cooling tips for summer

Steps for Staying Cool During the Hot Summer Months

June 28, 2023

Summer not only brings high temperatures but also high electric bills. Fortunately, we’ve got some useful tips to help lower your bills without sacrificing the comfort of you and your family. Assessing Your Home’s Existing Condition Identifying areas for improvement is one of the most important steps in this process. Air leaks and insufficient insulation…

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