Steps for Staying Cool During the Hot Summer Months

energy efficient home cooling tips for summer

Summer not only brings high temperatures but also high electric bills. Fortunately, we’ve got some useful tips to help lower your bills without sacrificing the comfort of you and your family.

Assessing Your Home’s Existing Condition

Identifying areas for improvement is one of the most important steps in this process. Air leaks and insufficient insulation will make air conditioning units work harder and waste energy. 

  • Air leaks tend to occur around door frames, windows, the attic floor and access points, recessed lights, and in basements.
  • Attic insulation: If the insulation is level with or lower than the ceiling joists you should consider adding more. A lot more!
  • Wall insulation: Drill a small hole in an inconspicuous place, such as an exterior wall in a closet. The cavity should be completely full of insulation; if it isn’t, consider adding more.

The Mass Save and Energy Wise Program offer huge rebates and incentives to homeowners or renters for air sealing and insulation. For best results, combine the above recommendations with the energy-efficient cooling strategies listed below.

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Energy-Efficient Cooling Strategies

  1. Opening windows at the highest point of your home allows hot air to escape. Opening windows at the lowest point lets cool air enter, creating air circulation and improving overall cooling in the house.
  2. Putting a bowl of ice or ice packs in front of a fan is a surprisingly effective method for creating an extra-chilled breeze.  
  3. Use ceiling fans in conjunction with air conditioning to help circulate cool air.
  4. Set fans to run counterclockwise in the summer.
  5. Strategically plant trees in areas that will provide shade to your home. Deciduous trees are a great choice as their leaves create additional shade in the summer and allow for warm sunlight in the winter. Installing awnings can also achieve similar results.
  6. Close blinds and curtains during the hottest parts of the day to minimize heat gain from sunlight.
  7. Choose ENERGY STAR air conditioning units to improve indoor air quality, use less electricity, and reduce your carbon footprint.

💬 Philosophical Quote of the Day: Summer, with its blazing sun and sweltering days, beckons us to explore the delicate balance between seeking comfort and embracing discomfort; reminding us that growth often emerges from the crucible of challenging conditions.

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Key Takeaways On Staying Cool at Home During the Summer

By assessing your home’s cooling needs, identifying areas for improvement, and adopting energy-efficient cooling strategies you can maximize the output of your air conditioning units while minimizing costs. Embracing energy efficiency in cooling your home is a win-win solution for both your wallet and the planet.

Energy-Efficient Incentives and Rebates for Homeowners

Fortunately, most utility companies are offering rebates and other incentives that offset much of the additional cost associated with implementing today’s demanding energy code requirements. 

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