Indoor Air Quality Tips (home or office)

moldBesides mold, There are many other potential indoor air quality hazards to be aware of. Here we list a few suggestions:

  • Minimize chemical pollutants in your home
  • Avoid smoking indoors
  • Minimize the use of all products containing harsh chemicals
  • Look for fragrance free or naturally scented products
  • Don’t store harsh chemicals or gasoline indoors. Remove to an unattached structure if possible.
  • Do not idle cars, lawn mowers or other engines in the garage especially if it is attached
  • Make sure clothes dryers are vented to the outside
  • Make sure bath fans are vented to the outside
  • Run bath fans when showering and for 30 minutes afterwards
  • Make sure attics are properly ventilated
  • Repair plumbing leaks promptly
  • If you have water damage remove the water and wet materials immediately to avoid mold.
  • Vacuum floors often preferably with a vacuum equipped with a hepa filter
  • Place a floor mat at all exterior doors
  • Bring home house plants

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