Mold: Removal From Your Home

Weatherization helps mold remediation
Black mold on the underside of roof sheathing in a poorly ventilated attic.

Weatherization measures professionally installed will prevent or rectify most mold issues. Let’s look at some common causes of mold.

  • Bathroom fans venting directly into an attic instead of to the outside.
  • Crawlspaces with a dirt floor allowing moisture to migrate
  • A poorly ventilated crawlspace traps ground moisture within
  • A poorly ventilated basement with high moisture content also traps moisture within
  • A poorly ventilated attic traps moisture within
  • Water leaks whether from rain getting in or faulty plumbing

Here is how professional Weatherization can help prevent, reduce or even eliminate mold from your home.

  • Bathroom fans get vented directly to the outside with an insulated hose
  • In a crawlspace 6 mill roll plastic is installed over dirt floors keeping moisture down, ventilation may also be added
  • In a poorly ventilated attic targeted ventilation is added to draw the moisture out
  • Cross ventilation is added to poorly ventilated basements
  • Water leaks are pinpointed with the help of an infrared camera and can then be addressed

Properly installed Weatherization measures not only address energy efficiency but just as important indoor air quality.

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