Energy Efficiency vs Energy Conservation:

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Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency is “using less energy while receiving the same service”.

Here is an example:

Adding insulation to your attic floor, increases the R value (resistance to heat flow) of your thermal barrier (usually the attic floor). This prevents heat from escaping in the winter and warm outside air from intruding in the summer. So you save energy by using your heating system less in the cold months and your air conditioning less in the warmer months.

Energy Efficiency is not Energy Conservation.

What is Energy Conservation?

Energy conservation is “intentionally using less or going without to save energy”.

Here are some examples:

  • Turning down the thermostat in the winter while wearing a sweater indoors
  • Taking shorter showers
  • Shutting window shades in the daytime during the hot months to prevent heat gain from the sun
  • Using task lighting rather than illuminating the entire room
  • Using a toaster oven for small meals rather than a full size oven

Helpful definitions:

  1. R value-The capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R value the greater the insulating power. This works equally well in the winter and summer.
  2. Building envelope- the physical barrier between inside and outside, including the roof, exterior walls and basement.
  3. Thermal envelope-is part of the building envelope but may be in a different location such as in a ceiling which is essentially the underside of your attic floor. The difference can be illustrated by understanding that an insulated attic floor will contain the conditioned air in the room below. While the entire roof (framing, plywood, shingles etc…) above the attic floor is part of the building envelope.

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