Massachusetts Solar

Massachusetts is #1 in the Country for Solar

June 3, 2016

Here is why for 2016: Renewable Portfolio Standard RPS (Massachusetts ranks 14) RPS mandates what percentage of all energy generated within the state comes from renewable sources and by a specified deadline. Utilities meet this standard by generating their own renewables or through purchasing it from their customers. If a utility doesn’t meet the standard then…

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Energy Geeks Volunteering for Earth Day

April 16, 2016

Energy Geeks Volunteering In celebration of Earth Day 2016, over 25 Community Clean Up events took place throughout RI. Thousands of community volunteers joined together to participate in these events planned throughout the month of April. On Saturday, April 16th the city of Woonsocket hosted a large area between Dulude Avenue and the Citizens/Pothier School…

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Home Design RI-MA: Floor Plans (Articulation)

March 1, 2016

Articulation Articulation in architecture as in speech means to define clearly. Spaces within a home should be clearly articulated based on function. Over the last several decades design has trended more towards open floor plans, thus allowing for lofty space with lots of light. People tend to feel more comfortable in a home where living…

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Home Design RI-MA: Floor Plans (Circulation and Creating Interest)

February 8, 2016

When Designing and building a home in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, consider the following: Floor Plan Design Tips from the Pros at Energy Geeks: Great planning starts with the Site Plan as discussed previously and continues on to the Floor Plan. A good floor plan makes every square foot work efficiently and gracefully. The goal…

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Home Design RI-MA: Energy-Efficient Home

February 1, 2016

When building a new home or an addition in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, consider the home design team at Energy Geeks. Our focus has always been on smart site planning, energy-efficient design, sensitivity to the environment and reducing construction costs. Site Planning for an Energy Efficient Home: Wells, waterlines, sewer lines and septic system locations…

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Shut the window …. It’s Cold Outside

January 27, 2016

[columns] [span9]   When anyone thinks about weatherizing and “tightening” their home, their thoughts typically turn immediately to new windows, and perhaps doors. But, is this really the best, most efficient way to weatherize your home? In actuality, most homes lose the majority of their warm/or cool air through smaller, less obvious routes. Foundation cracks,…

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