Air Sealing a Home in Sharon, MA

What is Air Sealing?

Air sealing is part of the Weatherization process which focuses on blocking airways that lead from inside to outside a home. The most effective places to air seal are in the basement and attic. The best products to use are spray foam, heat-resistant caulk, and metal flashing. 

What is The Stack Effect?

The image below shows how warm air escapes into the attic through gaps and hidden passageways. At the same time outside air is drawn in through passageways in the basement, causing what can be best described as a vacuum. This is called the Stack Effect.

In the summer this process is reversed, as the hot outside air enters through the attic and forces cool air out through the basement. The taller the building the stronger the Stack Effect becomes. This continuing process leads to huge energy losses year round and is one of the leading causes of occupant discomfort.

Blocking these airways both in the basement and attic is critical in stopping the flow of wasted energy.

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How to Air Seal a Home in Sharon, Ma

Professional Air Sealing for Homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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