Why The Room Above Garage Is Cold … And How To Fix It

The Room Above the Garage is Cold

If you own a home with a garage underneath you are probably no stranger to cold floors. Cold floors in rooms above garages is one of the most frequent complaints we hear. They are uncomfortable to the touch and rob the entire room of heat. Often these frigid floored areas are used as bedrooms. Can you say cold feet?

Why is The Room Above the Garage So Cold

A closer look at how these floors are put together tells the tale. The depth of floor joists that are needed to span the width of a garage tend to be rather deep, often 12” to 18” or more. In older homes, the required thickness for floor insulation at the time of construction was 6” or less. When installed, technicians pushed insulation up into the cavity so it is in contact with the underside of the finished floor above as it should be. The problem is over time the insulation succumbs to gravity and falls away from the floor and comes to rest on top of the garage ceiling. The space that is now present allows frigid air from outside to continuously move between the finished floor above and the insulation below. The only thing in contact with your floor is cold air. The insulation has been rendered completely useless. The end result, COLD FLOORS.

Fix cold floors above the garage. Insulation in crawl space.
An example of floor insulation that has fallen and is now resting on the ceiling below.

How to Fix a Cold Room Above the Garage

Fortunately, the Pro’s at Energy Geeks have a simple solution, fill the entire floor cavity (to avoid settling) with densely packed energy-saving cellulose insulation. By far the best product for the job. When properly installed by a qualified technician there will be no settling and the difference between the floor before and the floor after will be like night and day.

Best of all, you may qualify for zero percent interest financing through the EnergyWise and Mass Save Heat Loan Program which can be used for window replacement and other energy efficiency improvements. Combine this with generous utility rebates some of which may cover up to 75% of the cost and it becomes clear that there has never been a better time to act. Can you say “warm tootsies”?

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