Why is My Floor Above My Basement Cold?

Cold Basement Problem:

We get a lot of inquiries from homeowners complaining about cold floors. Usually, it has to do with living space above unheated garages but this time it was the first floor above the basement.

As is often the case, this home had a metal bulkhead door with a stairway for access from the outside directly to the basement, where someone neglected to install a door at the bottom of the stairway.

When this happens the basement is essentially open to the great outdoors as steel bulkhead doors are not designed to keep the cold out. See pic below.

Unprotected Basement Stairway / Bulkhead
The Existing Unprotected Stairway

Cold Basement Solution:

The installation of an exterior grade steel door unit completely solved the problem. Now the residual heat from the boiler keeps the entire basement warm throughout the winter. As a result the floor above no longer feels cold. 

Basement Door Bulkhead Installation
The Completed Basement Door Installation for the Bulkhead

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