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Why are the floors above my garage cold in the winter?

We get this question a lot. It is a common problem in homes with cold garages on the lower level and warm living spaces above. Here’s why: In order for fiberglass insulation to be effective, it must be in complete contact with the underside of the floor above. The problem has to do with gravity. Even when properly installed, fiberglass insulation begins to pull away under its own weight. This causes a gap between the floor above and the insulation. This gap fills with cold air and stays that way throughout the winter. 

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How do I fix cold floors above my garage?

The cure is to densely pack the entire floor cavity with cellulose insulation. When properly installed it will not settle and therefore, no gaps. The result is a toasty warm floor, with no slippers required.

Watch the following video and see how the Crew from Energy Geeks remedies this situation at a home in Providence Rhode Island.

Insulation Garage Ceiling-don’t leave your home without it

Insulation Garage Ceiling: Do you have cold floors in bedrooms that are located directly above your cold garage? This is more common then you think. Most split-level homes (ex:raised ranch) have this energy draining defect. This common error in home construction is responsible for a tremendous amount of energy waste and occupant discomfort.

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