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Many homes are built with living space above a garage (see graphic A). Unfortunately, rooms above (often bedrooms) garages tend to be cold in the winter.

garage ceiling insulation
Graphic A: Typical home with garage under a cold room.


Graphic B below, clearly shows why. Notice how the insulation is laying on top of the garage ceiling rather than touching the bottom of the heated floor above. Notice also the space between the insulation and the floor above. This empty cavity allows cold air to continuously circulate robbing heat from the room above. This a common problem in most homes of this type.

Insulation Gap / Cavity
Graphic B: Cavity between the garage ceiling and the finished floor above.

Fortunately, this situation is easily rectified by packing the cavity with insulation. The method for accomplishing this is similar to insulating empty wall cavities (see graphic C).

A technician installing insulation
Graphic C: A technician installing insulation with the use of a flexible tube.

The method for insulating a cold room above a garage is described as follows:

  • Small holes are drilled into the underside of the garage ceiling
  • A flexible tube connected to an insulation blowing machine is inserted and the cavity is packed tight.
  • A foam plug is then inserted into the hole and a coat of plaster is applied.

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Energy Geeks is a Mass Save Partner