14th green festival

Save the Date: The 14th Annual Green Festival

September 5, 2022

September 10, 2022 Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious? Do you want to learn about products and ideas that will help you live in a more sustainable way? Come and mingle with the many vendors who do just that. Energy Geeks is proud to once again be part of this annual event while also promoting…

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Air Sealing Sharon, MA

Air Sealing a Home in Sharon, MA

August 27, 2022

What is Air Sealing? Air sealing is part of the Weatherization process which focuses on blocking airways that lead from inside to outside a home. The most effective places to air seal are in the basement and attic. The best products to use are spray foam, heat-resistant caulk, and metal flashing.  What is The Stack…

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solatube installation quincy massachusetts energy geeks

Solatube Install in a Large Bathroom ∙ Quincy MA

August 22, 2022

This homeowner in Quincy MA wanted her outdated bath fan replaced with a combo fan/light unit. This large but windowless bathroom also lacked natural light. By reaching out to Energy Geeks she got the best of both worlds. Solatube Daylighting System Installation She decided on a Solatube Daylighting System with a hardwired bath fan and…

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Wall Insulation in Framingham, MA by Energy Geeks

Exterior Wall Insulation in an Older Home ∙ Framingham, MA

August 15, 2022

Ever wonder how the experts install insulation into an existing building? Join the crew as they add wall insulation to this 57-year-old home in Framingham Ma. Installing Insulation in an Older Home This older home was leaking energy like a sieve, losing warm air through the exterior walls all winter and cool air all summer.…

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Duct Leakage Test

Duct Leakage Testing for New Homes in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

August 8, 2022

New Construction Duct Leakage Testing In this video, our technician performs a Duct Leakage Test at a home that is still under construction. Typically, ductwork is installed within wall and floor cavities, so once the wallboard goes up it becomes largely inaccessible. For this reason, it’s best to perform the leakage test before installing sheetrock. …

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Duct Leakage Testing - North Attleboro MA

Duct Leakage Test North Attleboro, MA ∙ Home Sweet Home

July 30, 2022

New Home Duct Leakage Test in North Attleboro, MA In this video our tech is performing a duct leakage test at a new home still under construction in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. All cities and towns in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut require a duct leakage test with a passing grade before issuing a Certificate of…

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