All-Electric Homes: The Future of Green Energy Homes In New England [Part 2]

“To Recap” – What Is an All-Electric Home?

An All-Electric Home is powered entirely by electricity, without any fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane or oil being used for space heating, hot water or cooking. These homes may or may not incorporate solar or other types of renewable energy generation. You can read the first post in this series at All-Electric Homes: The Future of Green Energy Homes in New England [Part1].

kitchen of an all-electric home in new england

Electric Heating and Cooling for All-Electric Homes

Space Heating & Cooling- Generally, electric heat pumps are used for space heating and air conditioning. These energy-sipping devices can be 3 to 4 times more efficient than then their fossil fuel-burning counterparts. In the winter they provide all the heating requirements for the home even in bone-chilling temperatures and in the summer, they run in reverse and provide all the cooling requirements. 

These units can be either ducted (connected to a network of ducts) or non-ducted. Non-ducted units are sleek in appearance and can be easily used to heat and cool any space by simply mounting onto any wall and connecting it to the outside condenser. Ducted units can be remotely installed in an attic, basement or mechanical room and supply multiple rooms or the entire house via piped-in ductwork. 

As a result of technological advances, heat pumps can heat your home even if the temperature drops below zero. Most units come with auxiliary electric resistance heat (or emergency heat) built in for those very rare times when the outside temp drops below zero and remains there for a while.

For Best Results– It’s important to pick the right heat pump for your home and your climate, make any recommended insulation and weather-sealing upgrades, and hire a reputable contractor with experience installing heat pumps.

All Electric Home Appliances

  • Induction Cooktops and Ranges-Induction cooktops and ranges are the way of the future, offering a safe and energy efficient way to prepare meals. Induction generates energy from an electromagnetic field below the glass cooktop surface, which then transfers current directly to magnetic cookware, (steel and cast-iron-not aluminum) causing it to heat up. A range with Induction technology generally outperforms every other kind of range regardless of fuel type. They deliver fast cooktop heat and superb simmering. Bonus, if you buy a new induction cooktop or range, you may be eligible for financial incentives through the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. 
  • Refrigerators and Dishwashers-With these appliances, always look for the Energy Star Seal. This tells you that the unit you are buying has been tested and meets above-average standards for energy efficiency and durability.
  • Washing Machines and Dryers-Like refrigerators and dishwashers always look for the Energy Star Seal.
  • Electric Fireplace-These units have come a long way in terms of generating flames with a realistic looking appearance. Here are some other reasons why we like electric fireplaces and expect to see more of them in the future.

1) Ease of use. 2) No mess. 3) Little maintenance. 4) Relatively low cost to purchase. 5) Minimal install costs. 6) Easy to move about. 7) Flame only option. 8) No harmful emissions.     

Do I Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector in an All-Electric Home?

Yes. Here’s why. Outside sources such as an idling automobile from an attached garage, a neighbor’s generator or a gas grill all produce carbon monoxide which can find its way into your home affecting your families-health and well-being. Also, your local building inspector may require it or if your home is being sold one may be required as part of the closing process.

Bottom Line: If you want to shrink your household carbon footprint heat pumps and Energy Star Certified appliances are the way to go. As states, cities and towns continue to look towards decarbonization, we expect to see most homes going forward to be mostly or entirely free of fossil fuel.

Want to Learn More About All-Electric Homes?

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