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Cellulose Insulation is the product most often used when insulating empty wall cavities in existing homes. Cellulose is essentially shredded recycled paper treated to be fire retardant and repel pests. Cellulose has tremendous insulating and sound deadening qualities. The process of insulating exterior walls using a small diameter tube is called Dense Packing.

Here is How Insulating Empty Wall Cavities Works

  • Existing siding is removed where needed (usually one row per side per floor)
  • Small holes are drilled every 16 inches where the siding has been removed
  • A flexible tube connected to a cellulose blowing machine is inserted up into the cavity and pulled downward as the cavity packs tight (dense packing) with insulation.
  • A foam plug is installed into each hole after filling
  • The siding is then reinstalled.
Wall Insulation being installed in North Smithfield, RI.
Wall Insulation being installed in North Smithfield, RI
Installing Wall Insulation
Small diameter tube being inserted up into an exterior wall cavity.

The Benefits of Insulating Empty Wall Cavities

  • Home will be substantially warmer in the winter
  • Home will be cooler in the summer
  • Home will be quieter (outside noises are deadened)
  • That room that was always cold should now be comfortable
  • Increases the value of your home

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Energy Geeks is a Mass Save Partner