Adding Attic Ventilation in Walpole, MA

Many older homes were built without insulation or ventilation in the attic. The need for ventilation became apparent as people became more energy conscious and began adding insulation.

Attic Ventilation Experts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

How Attic Ventilation Works

Here’s why, when warm air escapes from the heated rooms below, an attic void of insulation will generally stay warm throughout the winter. Warm air carries moisture vapor which does not condense as long as that air maintains a certain temperature. When insulation is added to the attic floor, the space above gets very cold.

Attic Insulation

Remember, insulation will greatly reduce the rate at which warm air enters an attic but will not stop it altogether.

How Attic Ventilation Prevents Condensation/Mold

Condensation occurs when warm air meets cold, resulting in staining, mold, and other moisture-related problems. In a well-ventilated attic, outside air sweeps moisture away before it has a chance to condense, keeping the space dry.

How To Ventilate An Attic Soffit

The video link below shows how to ventilate a soffit that leads directly into the attic.

Attic Ventilation Experts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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