New Storm Door Cranston, RI

New Storm Door = Happy Cranston Homeowner

This disappointed Cranston homeowner had purchased a typical storm door from one of the big box stores back in 2012. After several short years it had already begun to fall apart.

Here is the timeline of events for the entire process from start to happy finish.

After finding us online and loving our user-friendly website, this homeowner decided to give us a call. The very next day, one of our experienced technicians drove out to her home, took some accurate measurements and provided her with a transparent and reliable quote. The homeowner was thrilled and the order for this custom made door was placed. Two weeks later we were ready for the install.

Locally made, each door is built from heavy gauge aluminum, no laminated wood or flimsy vinyl on this bad boy. This unit comes with four hinges with steel pins and brass washers, no plastic here. At each corner (which is where lesser storm doors tend to fail) are heavy gauge steel brackets that hold the seams of this durable door tightly together even under the most rigorous conditions. Add to this our simple, yet rugged door closer and hardware with baked on finish and a heavy spring to protect against wind gusts and this door is ready for the big league.

New Storm Door in Cranston, RI


After removing and disposing of the old storm door, large gaps containing old insulation around the entry door were exposed and quickly sealed with spray foam.

New Storm Door in Cranston RI


Next, custom fabricated aluminum trim was added to both finish off the perimeter and to provide a seat to receive the new storm door.

New Storm Door in Cranston, RI

The finished product is energy efficient and looks beautiful. The self-storing screen means no need to remove and store and a quick transition from winter to summer. This door is built to last and will provide this happy Cranston homeowner with many years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

At Energy Geeks our comprehensive approach is rare in the industry. No need to hire multiple contractors, we take care of the entire process from soup to nuts. Whether it be wiring upgrades, insulation, mold removal, windows, doors or ventilation and more, we do things competently, timely and in a transparent manner. When it comes to safety and comfort “We Do It All”. Our work is guaranteed so you can be confident that the work we do is done right the first time.

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