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Custom Building Plans-New Home Design-Cumberland RI

Our in house designers have been designing homes since 1989. Our specialty, to create a seamless balance between form and function with an eye towards the following; solar orientation, existing topography, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and lifetime livability. Whether your new home plans call for an economy home, custom home, or a luxury home, we will guide you through the sometimes confusing maze of getting the most out of today’s cutting edge technologies and innovative products.


New Home Design by Energy Geeks

Here is What You Get

  • Foundation plan, first floor plan, second floor plan, etc if applicable.
  • Elevations showing your new home from all sides.
  • 3D renderings are also available.
  • Detailed cross sections.
  • Birds eye view plan.
  • Energy Star, LEED, HERS and other energy efficient analysis is available upon request.
  • Plans can be used to acquire permits, bank financing, zoning variances, fire departments approvals and bids from subcontractors.
  • Client, owner will have plenty of opportunity to offer their input throughout the design process.
  • A detailed breakdown of all the material and labor costs for the entire project are also available.
  • Expert advice every step of the way.


Things worth considering early on in the new home design process

Solar Orientation: An important consideration is how your new home will sit on your building lot. We like to look at and take advantage of solar whenever possible, whether it be passive or active or simply to be used at some point in the future.

Existing Topography: It is often said that “the best house lots have already been built upon”. Therefore many buildable lots, especially in urban settings may contain less than ideal conditions. We always strive to design homes that not only fit the needs and desires of our clients but also make best use of existing land characteristics. In other words, we will design your home to fit your lot. Remember, do not settle on a home design until you have settled on your site design. It is common for clients to try and put the home of their dreams on a building site that does not lend itself to the house they have chosen.

Energy Efficiency: The designers at Energy Geeks have a long history of striving to make buildings more energy efficient. Many of our field technicians work in this part of the home service industry every day. Our designers offer reasonable suggestions on how to make relatively minor changes during the design phase that may result in substantial payoffs in the form of increased comfort for the occupants, lower utility bills, and higher resale values.

Environmental Sustainability: Our designers naturally specify building products and appliances that are not only durable but are also certified to be environmentally friendly.

Lifetime Livability: Here at Energy Geeks we believe that owners should have the option of living in their dream homes for the rest of their lives. Therefore we pay close attention to doorways, lighting, kitchens and bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry, storage, level changes, fire and safety and more, to make sure that persons of all abilities can comfortably live in their home well into the golden years.


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