How to Insulate an Older Home

How do you determine if an older home needs insulation?

how to insulate older home in massachusetts and rhode island

How to insulate an older home in eight steps

  1. Carefully remove the existing siding
  2. Remove house wrap if applicable
  3. Drill 4” holes in the middle of each bay between wall studs
  4. Insert 2” dense pack hose which is connected to a powerful insulation machine
  5. Turn the machine on, as the cavity is packed tight with insulation, pull back on the hose
  6. Insert a 4” Styrofoam plug into the hole to keep moisture out
  7. Reinstall house wrap if applicable
  8. Carefully reinstall existing siding

How to save up to 75% of the cost of insulating an older home

What do you do after you insulate your older home?

  • Enjoy vastly increased comfort and quiet
  • Reap huge savings on your energy bills

Wall insulation in an older home in Needham, MA

  • Watch the following video which shows one of our crews insulating an older home in Needham MA.

Wall insulation contractor for older homes in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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