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When building a new home or an addition in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, consider the home design team at Energy Geeks. Our focus has always been on smart site planning, energy-efficient design, sensitivity to the environment and reducing construction costs.

Site Planning for an Energy Efficient Home:

  • Wells, waterlines, sewer lines and septic system locations should be sensitive to existing site features and site planning schemes whenever possible.
  • Install utility lines in an underground trench next to water and sewer.
  • Step foundations to coincide with finished grades.
  • Whenever possible locate garages and parked vehicles so as not to be seen from the street.
  • Plan for roof lines and windows that take advantage of solar.
  • Include features that take advantage of existing topography (garage under, walk-out basement etc.…).
  • Take advantage of existing trees, water views and other focal points by creating a line of site from views within the home.
  • Ledge that’s been removed can be used to build attractive retaining walls.
  • Existing evergreen trees provide excellent protection from northern exposure while maintaining a buffer between neighbors.
  • Deciduous trees work well in sun drenched areas providing shade in the summer and allowing sunlight in the winter.
  • Install drywells to capture or collect rainwater from downspouts.
  • Protect natural habitats and reduce water consumption by keeping landscaped areas small while incorporating native plants and shrubs.
  • Try installing tiers for gardens in steep grades.
  • Can exposed ledge compliment your landscaping plan?

Most of the ideas listed above can be addresses during the site planning process. Often, to little consideration is given to this very important first step.

Let the pros at Energy Geeks help you make your next project a success. Call Energy Geeks at (401)-766-1540 or contact us online to schedule your free design consultation.

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Energy geeks is a Home Performance Contractor whose primary focus is sustainability and efficiency as it pertains to energy use, water consumption, indoor air quality, land use and building design.

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