Home Energy Audit With an Infrared Camera

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home energy audit with an infrared camera
The red in this picture represents heat loss.

While performing a home energy audit with an infrared camera, our technicians are able to quickly diagnose the flaws in your homes thermal envelope and recommend cost effective solutions.

Heat loss is often more concentrated in the roof area because of a process called “Stack Effect”. Like wind Stack Effect can move large volumes of air. In the winter warm air in your home is lighter relative to the cold outside air outside. This huge bubble of air wants to move up and out. It finds its way out through chimney chases, plumbing chases, uninsulated attics, around folding stairways and attic hatches and around windows. Warm air flowing out through the top of your home draws cold air in through cracks below. In fact, the taller your home the more intense the Stack Effect.

What Can You Do About Home Heat Loss?

Weatherization will address Stack Effect by first air sealing both high (in the attic) and Low (in the basement). After which Insulation is usually added both in the attic space and at the sill area in the basement.

Leaky homes consume huge amounts of energy to heat and cool. Air leaks may contribute to condensation thus creating potential indoor air quality issues.

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