Home Design RI-MA-Floor Plans: Great First Impressions


Floor Plans

An interior vista is an opportunity to make a great first impression. When analyzing your floor plan, ask yourself what your guests observe when crossing your threshold. Houses are fifty percent dreams and fifty percent house. The house part satisfies the practical left side of the brain, offering: shelter, safety, protection, security and, importantly, an investment. The dream part consists of emotional right brain requirements such as drama, excitement and warmth. When a person enters your home you want to evoke feelings within them, not analysis.

A well-designed home can elicit anything from a warm smile to a “WOW”. To achieve this positive response, immediately reveal architectural details that have obvious appeal. In smaller homes display your major amenities upon entry. If you have a fireplace, let it be seen. If you have an especially attractive view or a well-designed patio, proudly show them off. If volume overhead is part of the design scheme (vaulted ceilings), let it be seen from the front door.

A partial list of things we consider important when designing floor plans for new homes in Rhode Island and Massachusetts:

  • Ensure a smooth traffic pattern:
  1. Traffic flow that bypasses furniture groupings
  2. Extra wide hallways in custom homes (not long narrow ones)
  3. Borrowed space above closets
  4. Walls that display art, and views at the end of hallways
  • Borrow visual space between rooms without sacrificing privacy.
  • In areas with various functions:
  1. Change in ceiling height
  2. Fireplace locations
  3. Window placement
  4. An occasional thickened wall, creating a timeless look through sturdiness and mass
  5. Partial walls
  6. Columns
  7. Arches
  8. Ceiling / wall medallions (ceiling medallions add elegance to chandeliers and other hanging fixtures)
  • For sizzling kitchens consider these options:
  1. Size of work triangle (the combined distance between range, stove and refrigerator)-16 feet (minimum), 18 feet (ideal), or 24 feet (maximum)
  2. Abundance of natural light
  3. Windows that provide a patio view
  4. Convenient but not visible to the formal dining area
  5. Breakfast bar or nook
  6. Control center: desk, computer, message center
  7. Pantry (walk-in if space allows)
  • For splashy baths:
  1. Separate shower and tub
  2. Custom shower with built-in seats
  3. Effective use of mirrors
  4. Natural light and /or skylights
  5. Separate toilet area
  6. Plant ledges
  • For windows:
  1. Orient windows for passive solar energy
  2. To save energy minimize or omit north-facing windows
  3. Arrange windows for maximum visual impact, taking advantage of natural surroundings and views
  4. Extend lines of site by arranging interior walls and openings accordingly

home design floor plansDesign Tip: As part of your outdoor living area include a screened in porch directly off of the living area. Be sure to include electrical outlets and enough ceiling height to accommodate a paddle fan.

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