Home Design RI-MA: Floor Plans (Circulation and Creating Interest)

When Designing and building a home in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, consider the following:

Floor Plan Design Tips from the Pros at Energy Geeks:

Great planning starts with the Site Plan as discussed previously and continues on to the Floor Plan. A good floor plan makes every square foot work efficiently and gracefully. The goal is to create a floor plan where furniture and good circulation work together. Because a designer can only analyze circulation by knowing where furniture is going to be, it is essential that furniture to scale be added to the floor plans during the design phase. This will assure at least one viable way to furnish the home and to test for good circulation. This process makes certain that the interior merchandiser has a good plan to work with.

Things to Consider with Floor Plans:

To make a good first impression be sure that foyers are scaled to the size of the home. Keep in mind a foyer is to small when you can’t stand in it and open the front door at the same time without having one foot on the tile and one on the carpet. To create the illusion of a larger foyer the hard surface at the entry –whether ceramic, wood or vinyl can be extended into the circulation space.

  • Whenever possible position the front door to open upon a vista within the home such as a fireplace, interior volume or a special window with a view to the outside.
  • Traffic flow should be clear and unobstructed.
  • Furniture groupings in the living room should be positioned around a focal point such as a fireplace, television or outside view, with traffic routed around the sofa and chairs.
  • In smaller homes an efficient floor plan can make hallways all but disappear. Absorbing circulation space into living space when possible transforms hidden square footage into perceived space.
  • A standard hallway is 36 inches, for a custom feel why not make it 48 inches instead.
  • Include a recessed nook in wider hallways to display artwork. If space allows provide a sitting area for viewing. At the end of a long hallway create a focal point for a painting or through a window out to a garden with a fountain or some other item of interest.
  • Create a reading nook in a quiet area by adding a window seat.
  • Create a recessed nook above a linen closet for a plant ledge.

The staff at Energy Geeks hopes this information inspires you to think floor plans in new ways, leading to a home building experience that challenges the status quo, fires the imagination and stirs the emotions of all concerned.

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