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Is It Worth Insulating Exterior Walls?

You bet it is. Exterior wall insulation prevents your home from warming up in the summer and feeling cold in the winter. Up to 20% of home heat loss and gain occurs through exterior walls. Without adequate insulation, heat passes through without much resistance.

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How Do I Know How Much Insulation is in My Walls?

Inspect the exterior walls by examining an electrical outlet or drilling a small hole:

  1. Turn off the power to the outlet.
  2. Remove the outlet cover and shine a flashlight into the crack around the outlet box. You should be able to see if there is insulation in the wall and possibly how thick it is.
  3. Check outlets on each floor as well as old and new parts of your house. Just because you find insulation in one wall doesn’t mean that it’s everywhere in the house.
  4. Drill a small hole (about ¾” in diameter) in an inconspicuous location such as the inside of a closet and shine a flashlight inside.

Best Insulation for Exterior Walls?

In new construction, a mix of spray foam and fiberglass batts will do a nice job. In an existing home where all the rooms are finished, blown fiberglass or cellulose insulation are two of the best options. Because these types of insulation are manufactured in such a way that they can easily be fed into an insulation machine and blown into cavities using different diameter hoses. 

What is the R-Value of my Insulation?

R-value means resistance to heat loss or gain.

  • The R value of a six-inch wall filled to capacity is R21.
  • The R value of a four-inch wall (typical of older homes) filled to capacity is R13.
  • How thick should exterior wall insulation be? In new construction exterior walls are six inches deep and code requires that the cavities be filled. In older homes the exterior walls are four inches deep and the goal is to also fill the cavity completely.

How to Insulate Exterior Walls from the Outside?

Watch our latest Exterior Wall Insulation video at a home in North Smithfield, RI.

How Much Does it Cost to Insulate Exterior Walls?

Surprisingly little when the rebates and incentives are factored in. Remember, you pay for these incentives and rebates each time you pay your gas or electric bill.

Want to Take Advantage of These rebates?

  • If you live in Massachusetts have an energy assessment performed through the Mass Save Program
  • If you live in Rhode Island have an energy assessment performed through the Energy Wise Program.

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