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Integrated Solar

Building integrated solar is the practice of blending solar panels seamlessly into the architecture of the building that it serves. This is next generation solar that is here today. The concept started in Europe and is growing worldwide. The solar elements become an integral part of the building often serving as the exterior weather skin. Solar elements are now being integrated into roofing, building facades and even window glazing, often adding architectural interest. It is important to note, because of this multi-function, construction costs may be reduced as a result.

Specifically I would like to discuss roof integrated solar thermal panels from INroof Solar.

I attended a trade show in Boston recently and had the pleasure of meeting some of the fine folks from INroof Solar. They took the time to carefully explain their product features and benefits.

They produce beautiful, sleek and architecturally pleasing aluminum roofing. Seamlessly built in to each section are solar thermal panels. Meaning that instead of producing electricity, these beauties produce domestic hot water. Hot water that can be used for cooking, bathing and space heating.

Designed to be installed in both residential and commercial applications, this product is built to be both attractive and tough. A solar roof from INroof Solar will not only be more architecturally pleasing, it will also last longer, much longer. As an added benefit, their ultra-sleek design allows snow to easily slide off thus avoiding the destructive effects of ice damming.

Metal roofing has other advantages such as, longevity, resistance to extreme weather conditions and high thermal conductivity. These qualities make it the perfect choice for solar thermal collecting.

Think of it, all the benefits of solar without those clunky panels.

The designers at Energy Geeks are planning on integrating this technology into many of our future designs.