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The Problem:

This frigid but friendly homeowner in Worcester Ma, was complaining about a cold kitchen floor and high heating bills. After a careful energy audit paid for by the Mass Save Program it was discovered that her basement sill (the area where the floor framing meets the top of the basement wall) was uninsulated and riddled with air leaks. This problem, which is common in many homes, can cause the entire basement to feel cold. Remember: a cold basement leads to a cold floor above.

An inspection of her attic indicated more energy draining leaks, a grossly under-insulated ceiling and blocked air vents. “Yikes”.

The Solution:

We first addressed the sills  in the basement by airsealing (spraying expanding foam into cracks and holes) each bay and adding a layer of fiberglass insulation. Next, a two inch thick rigid foam board insulation with foil backing was installed over the fiberglass in each bay and air sealed into place. The result, a finished look and a cozy basement.

Next, we airsealed the entire attic floor, unblocked the existing air vents and installed rafter vents at the eaves to encourage proper ventilation. Finally, a twelve inch thick layer of energy saving cellulose insulation was blown into place, creating a seamless blanket that will keep warm air inside the home in the winter and cool air in during the summer.

Big Bonus: Because the owner of this rambling ranch went through Energy Geeks, they were able to take advantage of HUGE rebates and incentives from the Mass Save Program that covered much of the project cost.                                                                                     

The Takeaway:

If you have any of these issues, let one of our friendly technicians come to your home and give you a no cost home assessment. This happy homeowner did, and now she and her family can enjoy increased comfort and energy savings for years to come.

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