Mold Removal, Air Sealing, Attic Insulation in Attleboro, MA

The Problem:

This unhappy homeowner was plagued with high energy bills and a moisture problem in her attic. When our technicians arrived they performed a blower door test and found numerous air leaks leading directly to the attic space. To make matters worse for this owner, moisture from the shower below was entering the attic through these air leaks and causing condensation to build up on the roof decking. The bathroom fan added to this wet problem by venting additional warm, moist air directly into this attic, due to not being properly vented to the outside. The problem was so bad that mold was beginning to take hold in some spots.

The Solution:

Step 1- Within one day and at a reasonable price, our certified mold remediators removed all the mold from the attic. Thus restoring the space to normal atmospheric conditions.

Step 2- We then Air sealed all top plates and other penetrations that allow conditioned (moist) air from the living space below to escape wastefully into the attic. It is estimated that this one step alone will reduce the moisture entering her attic by as much as 30%.

Step 3- Next, we properly vented the bathroom fan directly to the outside using insulated flex duct. Unvented bath fans are a common problem in older homes. Each time someone uses the shower, large amounts of warm moist air can reak havoc on the attic space above.

Step 4- We Add 4 roof vents to provide much needed natural ventilation. This allows for air flow which naturally removes moist stale air 24/7.

Step 5- Apply an even 10” deep blanket of energy saving cellulose insulation to the entire space. This last step is the icing on the cake.

The Takeaway

This energy leaking, moldy oldy has been properly restored to perfect working condition and should provide energy saving, fresh air inducing, comfort for generations to come. If you have any of these issues, let one of our friendly technicians come to your home and give you a no cost home assessment. This happy homeowner did, and now she is saving energy all year long.

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