Should You Air Seal An Attic and Upgrade Attic Insulation?

You Should Consider Attic Air Sealing and New Insulation If:

  • Snow melts quickly on your roof
  • Your attic space is warm in the winter
  • Your heating system is running all the time
  • Your home feels drafty
  • Your heating costs are high 
  • Your attic floor has less than twelve inches of insulation *

*The recommended level for most attics is to insulate to R-38 or about 10 to 14 inches, depending on insulation type. –

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Why is Air Sealing the Attic Worth It?

As heat rises, as much as 50% of your energy escapes through the attic floor and out through the roof. Heat escaping the upper part of a home causes cold air to rush in through nooks and crannies in the lower part of the home (ex: foundation). This creates what can be described as a vacuum. This vacuum, known as the stack effect is what makes a home feel drafty and the taller the home the stronger the effect. The cure for this common dilemma is to air seal both high and low thus cutting off the airflow and eliminating the stack effect.

How to Air Seal an Attic?

  • Watch the following video which shows an air sealing and attic insulation install in an older home in Sharon, MA.

When Should You Air Seal an Attic and Add New Insulation?

  • Now!

How Much Does it Cost to Air Seal An Attic? 

You can actually receive Home Efficiency Rebates to Offset the Cost:

  • If you live in Massachusetts have an energy assessment performed through the Mass Save Program
  • If you live in Rhode Island have an energy assessment performed through the Energy Wise Program.
  • Contact Energy Geeks to expedite the process in either Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

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