The Problem

In many older homes high energy bills are a common occurrence. Whether in the heat of summer or the freeze of winter energy costs can account for a large slice of your family budget, second only to the mortgage for many people. Possible symptoms include heating systems that seem to run all winter long and air conditioning units that can’t keep up in the summer. Homes that use excessive energy tend to be less comfortable overall, have a lower resale value and disproportionately contribute to global warming.

The Reason

There are several reasons for excessive energy use. Most have to do with insulation and outdated heating and cooling equipment.
Many older homes contain no insulation, are grossly under insulated or contain insulation that has been poorly and ineffectively installed. A building under any of these conditions is going to leak conditioned air (air that has been heated or cooled) like a sieve. Add an outdated, clunker of a heating system to this mix and your energy bills are going sky high.

The Fix

Fortunately The Pro’s at Energy Geeks can help. We look at your home as a system and provide a comprehensive solution custom fit to your needs and budget. The area’s most worth fixing and therefore providing the biggest bang for the buck include adding insulation to the attic, basement and walls respectively. Professionally installed insulation and air sealing in these areas will make a huge difference in your home’s energy performance. When combined with a brand new high efficiency heating a cooling system your older home will be on par with new homes being built today.
Best of all, you may qualify for zero percent interest financing through the EnergyWise and Mass Save Heat Loan Program which can be used for window replacement and other energy efficiency improvements. Combine this with generous utility rebates some of which may cover up to 75% of the cost and it becomes clear that there has never been a better time to act.