The Problem

Old wooden double hung windows with ropes and weights are still common in many older homes in New England. Rarely do these windows work right. They are difficult to open and close and often the sashes (the part of the window that moves up and down) won’t stay up without propping a stick underneath for support. They tend to be very drafty, don’t have screens to keep the bugs out and actually rattle in the wind. Often these windows work in conjunction with aluminum storm windows applied to the outside. Although aluminum storm windows do help to reduce drafts and come with an insect screen, they too can be difficult to operate. The biggest concern for many owners of these outdated wooden windows is the potential for lead paint dust to be generated each time the window is used.

The Reason

There are several reasons why lead dust is an issue. Because these windows are very old, the paint applied to the sash and frame when they were new contained lead. In fact over the years there may have been multiple layers of lead paint applied. Lead paint on the frame is not a big concern as long as it is not chipping or peeling. In most cases lead paint on a window frame can be encapsulated by applying a good coat of modern paint. The real concern is the window sashes. Each time the window is opened friction between the frame and the moving sash occurs causing the potential for lead dust to be released into the air.

The Fix

Fortunately The Pro’s at Energy Geeks have a solution. Replace the wooden sashes with a modern replacement window custom built to fit within your existing frame. This will eliminate any potential lead dust, be very energy efficient and your new windows will be on par with windows being installed in new homes today. An added benefit, you can say goodbye to those aluminum storm windows too. When new windows are installed in your home the storm windows become obsolete and are removed and disposed of.

Best of all, you may qualify for zero percent interest financing through the Mass Save or Energy Wise Heat Loan Program which can be used for window replacement and other energy efficiency improvements. Combine this with generous utility rebates some of which may cover up to 75% of the cost and it becomes clear that there has never been a better time to act. Isn’t about time for this simple problem to be fixed once and for all?