The Problem

Visible moisture can be seen on the glass surface of your window, black stains on your ceiling over the shower or a damp musty smell that sometimes lasts for hours or never goes away at all. This situation tends to occur more during the winter than any other time of year. Opening a window to the freezing outside air is not the answer.

The Reason

There may be several reasons for this. But more often than not it has to with a lack of proper ventilation. Many homes today have poorly functioning bathroom ventilation fans or worse yet, have no ventilation at all. This situation allows moisture to build up and linger in this confined space that is a bathroom. Before long mold and mildew appear and begin to grow. Remember, both mold and mildew require recurring moisture in order to survive. Your bathroom becomes an incubator for what could be a significant health hazard to some people. The presence of a washer and dryer within this space may only exasperate the situation.

The Fix

Fortunately, The Pro’s at Energy Geeks have a simple solution, install a high quality bathroom fan and properly vent the moisture to the outside. Today’s bathroom fans are designed to be extremely quiet and to run continuously at low speeds. A wall mounted switch allows you to raise and lower the fan speed as needed. Running the fan at a higher speed while showering and a very low speed the rest of the time will prevent condensation on your windows and deprive the mold and mildew of the moisture they need to survive. At bedtime the fan can be turned off with the flip of a switch. A good quality fan when properly used can make your entire home smell fresh. Best of all most units come with a ceiling light built in. Isn’t about time you get a quality bathroom fan installed in your home?